Know what I want now?

I want Melinda May to be the hero in Skye’s story now.  Fitz is doing wonderfully that way, and he can definitely continue to do so, but May has already been awesome in one way, and a one-note way, and she deserves a chance to be awesome in another.  I thought already she might be the one who pushes Skye to work and control herself and be better, and I love how the minute she found out, as soon as she had a moment with Skye where she didn’t have to stop someone from kidnapping or killing her she immediately set to work on it.  I want her to be the no-nonsense person telling Skye she is not running away and she is fixing this, and making her believe it.  I want her knocking out anyone who comes near Skye with an intent to harm her, even as she feels the impact in their words, and when she and Coulson discuss whether keeping her is a good idea or not, it’s only because they’re worried about failure, but they’re determined not to fail.  I want them becoming all the more determined once Skye’s father tries to take advantage of her current state.  I want them to make clear to Skye, at least eventually, that she doesn’t need a father who rejoices at the prospect of her losing all her friends.  I also want this to be an emotional arc for her as well; I want her and Skye to comes to terms with who they are together.

I really do love how the writers handled the revelation, making clear that nobody wants to give up Skye and they even all were ready to protect her, but that they are afraid of her, except of course Fitz, whose heart and courage will always override his head and fears-between protecting Skye the way he did and then standing up to the others unrepentant(remember what Albus Dumbledore said about standing up to your friends), he may be the bravest person in the Playground.  I’m a little less thrilled at seeing the big black man have violent impulses, but I do like how Mack was handled otherwise-not without sympathy, and his words to Bobbi about Lance hit home especially, but with his hypocrisy just waiting to be called out on-I also want Lance snarking at him about that once he recovers.  Simmons I feel like we’re all waiting on, to see how she really reacts to someone she cares about being like this, as well as whether she and Fitz ever sit down an have an honest conversation about everything.  Just like we’re still waiting on what Bobbi and Mack are up to, though at least we have it confirmed they’re not Hydra, which I don’t think surprises anyone, but we’re going to have to find out pretty soon, I think, after that stinger.


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