They Have Been Victorious

One of the most unique pairs teams of our decade, one that has pushed the envelope technically and led the way there, also defied the odds and the naysayers, expressed with their own voice, and even kept their wits about them when all the pairs skaters about them were losing theirs last summer.  Including one lady who has never bothered with the demands that she be a lady, been ambitious and willing to know and understand the scores, and said what she wanted to say to those who dismissed her as not a proper pairs skater.  Including a man who survived bullying by those who thought he wasn’t what a man should be, but found his way as one of the most creative souls in pairs skating and even became the first skater to come out at a time when he had everything to lose.  WORLD. CHAMPIONS.

The way the ladies and dance shorts went was pretty distressing, but if this is the consolation of this year’s Worlds, it’s a good one.

One thought on “They Have Been Victorious

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