A few questions

When is this alternate S.H.I.E.L.D. truly going to cross the line(you can see it coming)?  Is Bobbi still going to be on this show next season, or will she leave for the movies(please say she won’t be killed off)?  Are Fitzsimmons really going to patch things up over this, or will they end up on separate sides and just get estranged even worse?  Can Skye really stay with the Inhumans when it’s a safe bet their views on normal humans are not something she’s ever going to agree with?  What’s going to happen when she and Raina meet(she’ll probably hold her responsible for Trip’s death)?  Where are Ward and Kara at this point in time?  Oh, and where on Earth are the Koenigs?

It’s actually kind of tragic, the juxtraposition of the “real S.H.I.E.L.D.”‘s origins and the explanation of their noble intentions with their descent here, taking over the base like Hydra once tried to do to them, and then going after Skye and shooting to kill just because she might be a threat-and these people knew what Project Insight was about, apparently, but they seem to have forgotten it.  You might say they have some legitimate points about how Coulson’s running things, but how much are they even practicing what they preach?  Also, have they done anything against Hydra?  In fact, this little civil war they’ve created may give that organization the chance to recover, unless the Avengers can take care of that in Age of Ultron, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Ward and Kara’s ultimate main purpose was avenging themselves against Hydra as well.  Someone tell these people it would be deeply embarrassing if they owed Ward for doing what they should be doing themselves.

I really do hope once they cross the line, Bobbi will acknowledge it, but who knows if they’ll forgive her; this is not a group that has forgiven betrayal very well.  Granted, she hasn’t committed Ward’s sins, but who says she won’t commit quite a few more before this is over?  If she saves Skye or Coulson from her former colleagues that might help, but would they still be willing to trust her again?  And if everyone disowns her, where does she go?  Would the Avengers take her?  If Mack survives this, does he go with her?  I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we see her after this arc is Civil War.  Although we’d miss her during the intervening year for sure; she is a wonderfully complicated and awesome female character.

Speaking of complicated and awesome female characters, it was certainly great to see Simmons get the better of Bobbi, but one hopes Weaver won’t persuade her into an allegiance she’ll regret later.  That she waited for Fitz’s nod before agreeing to treat Mac(and from a point of view of medical ethics, her doing so despite his being on the other side is perfectly above ground) is a good sign, but they share the point of view on special abilities she was expressing only a few short episodes ago.  Is she ready to renounce that?  It’s possible Weaver may even persuade her(and may even believe herself) that Gonzales might help Skye rather than kill her, and if Simmons gets persuaded of that, the results could be disastrous for her.  I don’t see Fitz being willing to change sides, and he’d definitely turn against her now if she did, however much it would kill him to do so.

And, of course, there’s Skye.  All this time I was dreading the idea that she might run away and fall into the clutches of either Ward or her father, neither of whom is the person she needs right now.  But they played it perfectly, complete with her no doubt believing right now it was Coulson’s group that turned on her, since May didn’t have the chance to explain otherwise before the signal broke.  Hopefully she’ll eventually learn otherwise, especially since she must truly be heartbroken at this point, but how long will that take her?  Plus seeing her use her powers, and start to embrace them rather than think they were something she needed to stop, was a pair of wonderful and well-done moments.  And so far, her morals remain uncompromised.  We’ll see how she deals with yet another group of people taking actions she might not approve of.  Hopefully someone’s persuaded Raina it was not Skye’s fault she didn’t get the changes she wanted, but who knows.

It’s actually understandable Ward and Kara sat out this episode; this is part of the story they had no place in, plus there’s the implication it all took place within twelve hours or even six of the end of last week’s episode, so they’re probably still busy brainwashing Bakshi.  Not sure there’s going to be room for them for a while, honestly, and we know Kara at least won’t be in either of the next two episodes.  But if they remain off screen long enough, well, one will start expecting they’ll suddenly burst in at the climax of some episode and be revealed to have been very, very busy will they were away.  Apparently Chloe & Brett have been filming together again too, though that might just be more of Kara wearing Skye’s face, so no telling for sure if Skye’ll run into him during her current adventures.

But I really would’ve liked a moment of Sam Koenig yelling at “real S.H.I.E.L.D.” people.  As it is, I really am wondering where he is(please say noone killed him.  We’ve already lost once Koenig and I suspect the supply of them may be limited).   Nor does it seem any of them are in the next two episodes, since Oswalt isn’t on the cast list for those.  Which is a real pity, since it might’ve been a smart(and comically relieving) move for Coulson to pick up another Koenig while he’s on the run.  Or have all thirteen of them been sent on some supersecret mission we’re going to find out about later….


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