Seriously, it’s getting a little crazy.  Age of Ultron hype machine in full swing and some people in my Twitter timeline have even gotten into the preview screenings, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. charging down it’s own wild ride in response, and then Netflix goes and drops Daredevil too!  I think I may even delay seeing this Ant Man business simply due to burnout(although I suppose I will see it eventually.  I bought Netflix just to watch Daredevil, and when I honestly didn’t expect to love said series as much as I am loving it)

So, in conclusion:

Things that need to stop: press machine.  We’re getting to the point that the uglier parts of the cast’s personalities are starting to raise their ugly heads(I want to like you, Renner, I really do, but could you at least give as good an apology as Evans did?), and I’m starting to get less happy with Joss Whedon as well.  Of course that was partly the way he handled the Maximoff twins in the first place(the whitewashing was bad enough, but then he had them volunteer to work with Hydra?  Even if their roots had to be change due to rights issues, that’s still just wrong), and the whole Brucenat business isn’t helping, but now trying to separate the TV and movie universes when that’s really the cool thing about the whole MCU, just because it didn’t let one of the rare characters he didn’t feel like bringing back stay dead?

And seriously, sooner or later, the Avengers are going to have to find out Coulson’s still alive.  If he’s really raising any sort of army it would stretch disbelief if they didn’t, quite frankly.  But with Whedon leaving, I trust the brothers to figure this stuff out during the Civil and Infinity Wars.

Things where I don’t even know any more: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  It’s hard to think Coulson will turn out to be a bad person, given that the fans would be out for blood if they tried that stunt, but if we didn’t know that…and meanwhile, it’s starting to feel like all the characters are going to be tossed up into the air and who knows when they land where they’ll be, who they’ll be with, or whether they’ll be doing good or harm to the world its people at large.  Or at least, I’m sure that’s what they wanted us to feel like, except…

Unfortunate: the leak about the spinoff starring Lance & Bobbi.  Because now we know they’ll both come through the toss up and end up together, although who they’ll be affiliated with is an interesting question.  I’m sure they were waiting until the finale to announce that.  Although it makes sense; Bobbi was always too major a character from the comics to be restricted to a supporting role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. forever.

Which takes our main cast back the original six, who apparently are also going to be the starring ensemble for next week.  Though I don’t know how they can redeem Ward at this point without him dying in the process.  It’s kind of amazing how he keeps creeping closer and closer to irredeemable and yet still isn’t quite there yet…although I believe he means well in regards to what he’s doing right now, if only because so does everyone else on this show!

Things I will need next week: The second season of Daredevil.  The only reason I don’t need it yet is because I’ve actually still got two more episodes to watch.  There was a lot about it I expected of course.  I’d been prepared for dark and gritty and violence that’s harder to watch than the stuff we’ve seen in MCU media so far.  I also expected it to be very well done.  I even carried pretty strong expectations about work done on any female characters, which so far have more or less been met; I especially appreciate the main female character very much having her own story and her own agenda.

What I didn’t expect was to get so emotionally invested, and so fast.  I did not expect to fall so ridiculously hard for Matt Murdock(although looking over the developing fandom at least comforts me that I am very far from the only one who’s done so…), or to find the politics of it to call our own society out in the way it has to the point that some of the things Vincent D’Onofrio’s villain does hurt, because you know they’re being done in our world and we feel as helpless as the characters, or to feel more than once like I was about to cry, especially during episode ten.  Even when we have high expectations of Marvel these days, they still manage to exceed them.

Well, except I still don’t have very high expectations of Ant-Man...

2 thoughts on “MCU OVERLOAD!

  1. I do agree, it is a lot at once. They should have spaced the DD and AOU releases a bit more.
    And as of right now, I don’t have high Ant Man expectations either but I know it’s silly to do so. I didn’t have high expectations of GOTG and look how amazingly awesome that turned out to be! Marvel knows that they’re doing in all aspects.

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