It’s the eve of the Avengers

…and I’m all set to go watch Saturday morning, but honestly, my mind’s far more on the TV/Netflix side of things.  Especially after this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. general-universe prequel, in which people even compared a take-em-all-down-in-one-camera shot fight sequence to the one in Daredevil.  But honestly, that’s not the moment that reminded me of the Netflix series the most.

No, that was when Jemma Simmons did not kill Grant Ward, but she tried to, and when Bakshi intercepted that grenade she still became guilty of murder-she doesn’t even have Matt’s self-defense excuse for Nobu.  It’s certainly a wrenching development, but I hope it’s one that’s handled right.  She need not be condemned for it, perhaps-if we’re not finding Ward irredeemable we certainly can’t condemn her-but the seriousness of what she’s done needs to be addressed.  At the very least Fitz ought to find out and play the Foggy role, painful as it would be to see those two separate again.

Although really, why did they do the whole “tonight someone dies” and leave us all on pins and needles, when it was only Bakshi?  That ain’t a nice one to pull.

Speaking of Ward, now it seems he’s going in both directions at once.  On one hand, that whole speech to the others was one he had no right to inflict on them when they clearly weren’t interested in hearing it, and also the whole thing about saying he regrets destroying what he misses more than he does killing people does not reflect well on him either.  On the other, it seems he genuinely has now done the right thing by Kara, and if he went about it the wrong way, I’m not sure how much we can blame him-it’s not like his history would make it easy for him to figure out what the right way and wrong way to accomplish his goal there would be.

And yes, it was wonderful to see Skye do that action sequence, especially since it was the end result of a year and a half of her working to achieve her action girl status.  But there were definitely a few plot holes in the way she got back onto the base and figured out so quickly how to save Lincoln with her powers when she’s spent much less time working on that.  I’m willing to not notice many a plot hole for the sake of a good story, but this was one it was impossible not to notice .

And so now the Earth will get itself attacked by robots, and there’s no real indication of how much that will actually affect the TV characters(does Ultron know where either the Playground or the Afterlife is?), and despite what was claimed earlier, we still have to find out exactly what this Theta Protocol is.  Although I really hope Coulson wasn’t lying to May about why he was seeing her ex-husband; his lying to her during that conversation would just be really, really sad and painful.


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