Things MCU-related was supposed to take a breather at this point…

Really, the movie’s out, the TV season’s wrapped up, everyone’s gotten through the Netflix series by now, and nobody really cares about that Ant-Man thing coming out…whenever it’s coming out; I haven’t even looked yet.  Couldn’t we all calm down and focus on other things for a while?

Nope.  It’s kind of crazy to think less than two weeks after Age of Ultron comes out Civil War has started filming *already.*  Logically it makes sense enough; it takes a while to make movies, after all, especially if they have lots of special effects, but it still feels crazy.  And there are photos leaking way too fast; more Natasha already?  At least she looks good, but she always does.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re getting news about the second season of Agent Carter.  Although it is really strange to be reading all about that when reports are going on about Civil War filming a scene that sure as hell sounds like Peggy’s funeral. That this final Captain America movie would contain such a scene is hardly a surprise, though; from the time it didn’t happen in Age of Ultron I’ve suspected Civil War would open with it.

Not sure how I feel about this move to LA for the second season.  I suppose this TV series is trying to avoid being predictable or repetitive, and I generally trust they’ll tell us a good story at this point.  But there’s a lot about NYC to miss, especially the other characters, and especially Angie.  Though Howard Stark being Howard Stark, I’m sure he and Jarvis both can show up anyway.  But can Peggy at least stay in touch with Angie or something?

At least it’s good to see not only the #DiversifyAgentCarter movement, but to even see Hayley Atwell supporting it,  Now if that could just get some practical results…


2 thoughts on “Things MCU-related was supposed to take a breather at this point…

  1. I first was taken aback by the move, too, especially because I liked a lot of the cast from the last season, but then I realized that if they want to tackle the Red Scare in the next season (and it sounds like this is exactly their intention), Hollywood is the place to be.
    I guess a lot depends on which actors they can get, but there are a lot of reason why Jarvis could be in Hollywood (Howard should have a house there for award season, or why Angie’s acting career might take her there.

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