Dancing With the Stars, Season 20, Week 10, Finals, Night 2

After last night, two hours does seem a bit long for this finale, but at least they start it spectacularly, with an opening number take place outside in front of the bleachers!  The eliminated couples are all back, and each get their moment to dance, before the finalists come out at the end.  They will later do the 24-hour fusion challenge, but first there are recaps, and also performances, in both the ballroom and on the round ounoahtside stage, including:

The encore dance, landed by Riker & Allison.  The two of them also then go outside to reprise their first week jive.  Hey, these guys have to dance competitively later this evening; how much are you really gonna ask them to dance beforehand?!

Redfoo performs “Juicy Wiggle,” with the setup he and Emma did their Week 1 cha cha cha too, though he does even less dancing this time.

Charlotte & Keo reprise their California Girls cha cha cha from Week 2 outside.  The audience is given beach balls to throw, but they only throw them as the show goes to commercials.  Were they supposed to wait until then?

Reigning champion Alfonso Ribeiro & last season’s runner-up Sadie Robertson perform outside together.  Although that turns out to have a different purpose: it gives Tom a chance to announce Alfonso will be taking his place as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Suzanne & Tony reprise their Latin Night samba, and Robert & Kym their Week 1 cha cha cha, with a weird segment with funny voiceovers in between.

Emma gets another famous pop star partner: Jason DeRulo, who performs current hit “Want to Want Me” in a ballroom turned into a well-choreographed city street.  He really is a good enough dancer to make for an ideal filler segment pop singer.

Noah & Sharna doing an Argentine Tango with Amy Purdy & Derek!  Now that’s heartwarming.

Chris & Witney reprise their first week jive, and Nastia, Sasha, Derek, & Andy Grammer reprise their week 7 modern-day Charleston.

Trailer for a Bruce Willis parody move called Dance Hard, starring Tony Dovolani because Rumer’s dear old dad was too expensive.  Rumer & Val then reprise their disco salsa outside.

Dress rehearsal blooper reel!

Fifth Harmony perform current single, “Worth It,” starting inside, then heading outside to join the female pros dancing the accompaniment.  Then the men take over the stage in leather jackets and pants, and lose the jackets as they dance, before cluster around a very happy Erin.

Derek & Julianne perform to Sia singing Elastic Heart live, alongside a pair of kids playing younger versions of themselves.  Quite angsty.

Patti & Artem get their reprise saved for last, doing their week 2 salsa, with the other celebrities and pros joining them in the club this time!

And after some comments on the finalists by the eliminated celebrities, it’s finally time for the final round of the competition:

Noah Galloway & Sharna Burgess: Cha Cha Cha/Argentine Tango; “Surrender” Cash Cash feat. Julia Michaels.  The routine Sharna choreographs feels much more like the Argentine Tango than the Cha Cha Cha, but it’s a style Noah’s better at.  It also allows him to make a statement by nailing both the lift they impressed everyone with in contemporary and the one they fumbled last night.  But his legs are still a bit awkward.  The judges singing praises to the sky for him in general, with Bruno calling him legend, then break out the straight nines, and their final score is 112.

Riker Lynch & Allison Holker: Salsa/Quickstep; “Classic” MKTO.   This routine has clear elements of both styles in it, and they’re both styles that allow Riker to perform with one last burst of crazy energy and personality; perhaps the short length of the fusions allows him to put even more of both into each moment of it.  He’s pretty much flawless, with Julianne even commenting they looked like they’d had much longer to prepare it, and they get one last set of straight Tens to end it with a perfect 120.

Rumer Willis & Val Chmerkovskiy: Foxtrot/Paso Doble; “Big Jet Plane” Angus & Julia Stone.  Like with Riker & Allison, one can see the different elements clearly in the routine, and like those two, these two are flawless doing everything.  If Rumer maybe isn’t quite as loud and bright as Riker, she might just be a little more intense.  The judges have already been gushing their heads off, but here Carrie-Ann says “Save the best for last,” and Len declares Rumer as good as any celebrity who has been on the show ever!  And yep, one last set of straight Tens, and two of our couples have finished with perfect 120s.

Patti Labelle isn’t done getting saved for last though; she gets to sing her song “Two Steps Away,” while the three couples line up, and a montage of clips plays behind them.  And now it’s time for third place, and the question comes up: how much is eight points worth now?  If Noah & Sharna beat one of these couples, there’s a good chance they’ve beaten the other too…

But no, the gap was too big for the votes to make up, and they’re in third.  But the audience is chanting Noah’s name, and he’s only points out he never thought he’d make it half this far.  Tom also gives Sharna extra praise for her work, because hoh boy does she deserve it.

And now, two perfect scores, and this one will be decided purely by the viewers.  It’s impossible to guess who got more votes really; Riker might have started with a little more, but Rumer’s story should’ve drawn quite a few.  Hold your breath, toss all expectations up into the air, wonder by what percentage this one was decided(Tom doesn’t say), and the special Season 10 Golden Mirrorball Trophy goes to…

RUMER & VAL!  Don’t mind me, I’m screaming with joy at this point in time.  The ballroom is equally excited, and the winning couple don’t have much time to talk; before Tom can speak again they’re literally up in the air already!  He does get some words with Riker about how glad he is for all he managed, before the winners come down just long enough to get their trophy.  Val is seen to be cuddling it.  Well-earned, sir.  Even more well-earned, m’am.  What a great pair of winners.


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