Went to Awesome Con

Got a pair of earrings that are tiny versions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and a tribble which can coo or screech when you hold it.

The spoils of AwesomeCon

The spoils of Awesome Con.

Organization was far better this year.  They moved the convention to a downstairs place and put much more work into the arrangement of all the booths, plus got the entry procedures figured out so that we didn’t have to spend an eternity waiting to get in.  Also there was plenty of food on hand.  Popular cosplaying subjects included Spiderman(with a number of his various costumes over the years represented), Deadpool(there was one on vacation), and Peter Quill(spotted a couple female ones, plus one who had a Gamora with him), as well as various Jedi(including an elderly Mace Windu), TOS-era Starfleet officers, and Doctors.  Was particularly impressed with a Darth Vader who emitted the breathing sound, and took particular delight in spotting a Groot, a Bender, and two Matt Murdocks, one in his day clothes with a bloodied eye, and one in the black outfit.  Also two Sailor Jupiters.  I hope they went to get William Shatner’s autograph, since he was there signing them.  We didn’t attempt to get anyone’s autographs, but we did get a cheap thrill from seeing George Takei, as well as John Rhys-Davies.

Disappointed I only saw one Peggy Carter.  Perhaps next year I shall dress up as her myself.


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