So we’re stuck with Lincoln for a while

My sister recently commented that thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, yesterday was a very good day to drops news that you want to go unnoticed.  If you believe half of my Twitter timeline, that seems to be exactly what happened with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as word got out that Luke Mitchell is going to be part of the official “main cast” lineup starting next season.  We do not yet have a full list, so it’s still technically possible Henry Simmons might join him there as he ought to, but history does not encourage that hope.

It is not actually very surprising news.  We’ve already had it established that Secret Warriors is going to happen, and apparently be made up of “enchanced” people, and most of the other ones who have had any establishment as characters on the show didn’t survive the season finale(or did, but not with memories intact).  And when you reconsider the finale, and the place of uncertainty Lincoln was left in, it can be as much a beginning to his story as an end.

I have seen much anger on my timeline, most of it centering around Lincoln being white, male and boring.  Unfortunately, it impresses me less when most of the people doing the complaining are the ones also complaining about the “ruining” of a certain other character who is also white and male, and was boring for quite some time after he was first introduced.  And let’s face it, Ward’s pretty much irredeemable at this point, which means it’s probably only a matter of time before he gets killed off. Perhaps the real reason Ward’s supporters are angry is because Lincoln, in the finale, was essentially handed the same question as Ward: stay with the person who got you out of the pit and feel loyal to, or do the right thing, and he, unlike Ward, did the right thing.  It highlights that Ward did have a choice, even back then.

We’ll see if Lincoln, too, will become less boring.  There’s room for it to happen.  Perhaps they might even be able to make any romance that happens with Skye interesting, though at this point it’s not like she needs a love story anyway.


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