Mack too!

So guess all that fuss about them promoting the white guy and not the black guy to the main cast, in this case, at least, was premature; Henry Simmons is now going to be a regular too.  Still wonder that he wasn’t last year.  Even if they were thinking of moving him to the spinoff that ended up not happening, Lance was a regular all season and they probably only held off on Bobbi until the second half of the season so they could to the “Hen in the Wolfhouse” plot twists with her first.  Maybe they weren’t sure they weren’t going to kill him off, and have now decided against doing so?(although on the other hand, this is a Whedon production, and we know what happened with Tara…)

Although, really, can we have the full list sometime soon?  We’ll probably all rest easier if Henstridge is on it(though God, if she’s not…).  Also, it may be an intriguing question as to whether or not Dalton is.  He might not be, if there are other major villains beside him, or if he’s getting killed off sooner than later(perhaps that was by BJ Britt never achieved regular status)

In other news, all wishes for Nichelle Nichols’ recovery.  Please, we do not need any more of the original series actors dying on us this year.


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