Bit a rough day

My mother woke up with terrible chest pains and ended up in the ER, where they diagnosed her with…terrible chest pains, my personal information is very likely now in the hands of the Chinese government, and Sir Christopher Lee is dead. I am therefore choosing to celebrate the life of the last by posting one of the silliest cinematic things I have ever seen:

So a toast to the actor whose final film count, at 280, may never be beaten, who dazzled us all with his villainy(although he played other roles too), and who was not even afraid to sing. I grew up with his voice as King Haggard in The Last Unicorn, and came of age watching him bring a connection to Tolkien into Lord of the Rings(and his fanboying of it always was kind of adorable) and being the highlight of Attack of the Clones(not the only film, I’ve no doubt, he was the highlight of, though probably the highest profile one). He even was going to working on #281 when this happened. At least we had 93 good years with him. RIP, Sir Christopher.


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