A few music observations

Along with the Grand Prix announcements lately we’ve been getting music announcements, including a few high-profile ones.  Although so far, nothing from the past couple of weeks has left me as excited as the long-announced ShibSibs FD to Coldplay.  Even if it seems they are not getting that new coach they need.

No Phantom of the Operas so far.  Maybe the overuse of it last year actually will cause an informal moratorium, as least for this next season.  Instead, it looks like it’s going to be the season of all the Les Miserables programs!  I really hope Amber Glen and Karen Chen don’t end up skating their frees back to back at Nationals(or anywhere else).  There is also the question of what recordings people use, although the live-singing of the movie version is probably genuinely difficult to skate to, so we might generally be spared it.  Also, we seem to have two programs so far to Pavarotti’s version of Nessum Dorma so far.  In the future that version of Turandot just might prove as common as Vanessa Mae’s.  It’s actually kind of surprising we didn’t hear it last year.

Kind of disappointed Ashley Wagner’s not getting a new free.  Much as I love the Moulin Rouge one, she already ended up reusing a previous season’s free program once, and I’d kind of like to see her take on a new character(after hearing about her love for the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, I have a crazy wish to see her portray Gamora)

At least Yuzuru Hanyu is skating to something completely unique.  Will any of the other top skaters do that?

And in show program news, only Jeremy Abbott could skate to Black Skinhead and leave me actually looking forward to seeing it!

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