The Acro-Cats at Synetic Theatre

Thursday night my sister and I an a couple of her friends went to see The Acro-Cats at the Synetic Theatre in Crystal City, at least once we established that said theatre was in Crystal City rather than Shirlington(good thing curtain wasn’t until 8!).  It’s a traveling show, which will have four more shows in Crystal City this weekend before moving on.  The management at the place wasn’t the best, but the show itself was lots of fun.

As the title suggests, the show was mostly about cats doing tricks.  All things that ringmaster Samantha Martin told us cats can be trained to do, which the aid of a drumstick and/or clicker to attract their attention and a lot of treats to bribe them with.  A lot of the tricks were things like jumping through hoops, balancing on balls(taking advantage of a cat’s natural abilities), and ringing bells.  A couple of them were truly spectacular.  That is, when the cats felt like doing them.  Sometimes they got distracted and found themselves more inclined to wander off the stage, or enjoy the warmth generated by the footlights.  Which just made the show more entertaining, since after all, cats really are at their most hilarious when they’re being disobedient.

These two elements, the tricks and the noncooperativeness, were combined in the show’s climax, where we were informed the cats were in a band together, and were placed at their instruments, which they then played-when they felt like it, which little regard for what their bandmates were doing at any given moment.  Then the audience was invited onto the stage to pet the one cat in the show who didn’t mind be petted by strangers, and take photos of all the others as their instruments, although photos were in fact allowed during the entire show.  The best photo I got was of Tuna, the white cat who had top billing in the show and liked doing the bell ringing, at her cowbell:

A true diva.

A true diva.

I also got a picture of the bandstand:


The one of the three who played the most was, of course, the drummer:

Asti wielding those sticks

Asti wielding those sticks

And while there wasn’t much guitar music, the balancing act was equally good:


And keyboardist Nue was also on the job:


We also had a cat playing chimes.  Hey, those have gotta be fun to bat:

This was the best photo I got of Sookie playing away.

This was the best photo I got of Sookie playing away.

Sookie, by the way, may have been the most distractable of the cats, also she wasn’t the one who got into the audience.  That honor went to Jax, who after his return to stage joined the band cats to stand around on a skull:

Skull-loving goth cat.

Skull-loving goth cat.

They also had another cat, Buggles, who didn’t seem to like strangers much, so they kept him up on a high pedestal at the back of the stage, from where they kept the audience away, but we could still take photos:


As well as cats, they also had a groundhog, a couple of mice, and a rooster known as Cluck Norris.  The groundhog and the mice didn’t come out at the end, but Cluck joined the band to play cymbals and tambourine:

Although he too was easily distracted.

Although he too was easily distracted.


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