Thunder, Thunder Everywhere

Been a lot of thunderstorms in these parts lately.  Or perhaps it would be more accurate to call them thunder deluges.  Thursday night, in fact, coming back from the Acro-cats, we got caught in one.  As we first turned onto Jefferson Davis Highway, we agreed that said road really needed a name change, but by the time we got off it, it had gotten one-to Jefferson Davis River.  Familiarity with the roads and slow driving got everyone home safe, but it wasn’t a fun time.

But the really scary storm happened last night.  The first time the power went off, on, and then off again, it woke me up at 1 in the morning, to not only torrential rainpower, but constant lightning and thunder.  By which I mean the flashing light and rolling sound simply did not stop for minutes at a time.  It felt unnatural, and in this era of climate change and wild weather, huddled in the dark, it left you wondering what kind of wrath Mother Nature will visit upon us next.  Our area was fortunate enough to have the power return around 5 AM, but I know there were places in DC where it took much longer.  We also woke up to scattered leaves and tree branches all around the roads and roofs, some of which hadn’t even been cleared when I got home this evening.  Really, this is definitely not the best thing that could be happening in DC right now, when no doubt plenty of tourists have already arrived for the 4th of July weekend.

And right now, it’s thundering and pouring outside again.  Once upon a time I would have thought a storm with this amount of intensity impressive.  After last night, it feels mundane.

Back when he was alive, my father used to joke about regularly scheduled summer afternoon/evening thunderstorms, but I don’t remember them being this fierce.  The impact of climate change, absolutely no doubt about it.  The most powerful city in the world is being punished.


One thought on “Thunder, Thunder Everywhere

  1. DC has people living here who could effect reformation to do somthing about climate change and they do not, so I suppose we might say ironically they are bringing upon themselves these heavy storms.

    We are having one tonight again.

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