So #Skye is now Daisy?

So the Marvel TV in San Diego just now didn’t really drop anything that big, especially not about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..  Maybe some general details about Agent Carter, especially with the suggestion that there are people not on speaking terms which each other who apparently got that way offscreen.  People are worried Peggy and Angie will be among them, though I would not mind at all if a part of the season’s story was then resolving that.

Also, apparently someone on the panel called Peggy a whore, which…REALLY??  Why can we not escape this bullshit?

But it seems the big thing that’s blowing everything up right now is the revelation that Skye is apparently taking on her birth name.  Though I will continue to call her Skye at least until the new season starts airing, because I don’t care what games the writers are playing with themselves; she’s Skye until the character herself officially gives the word otherwise.  I do wish that if we have to have this(they probably want the comicverse and movieverse characters to go by the same name), they’d cover how she comes to this decision in the show.  Yeah, we saw her try the full name out when she learned her father’s original last name(and at least it was the name he had when he was a good man, rather than the one he had when he went evil), but that’s not really enough when you’re leaving the name the character chose for herself.  The way things went with her parents, she’s no particular reason to take on a new name *they* gave her.  I could, perhaps, see it as her deciding to embrace her general Inhuman heritage, especially as the leader of the Secret Warriors.  Taking it could even be her way of saying to the new recruits “I am one of you.”  But the way they’ve done things on this show sometimes, I fear it’ll just be changed in the interval between seasons with no explanation.

Also, while I’m a little confused right now, it seems the characters will think Simmons dead.  Which would explain why there’s an interval going on and she’s not being rescued.  Which is going to hurt, but I’m holding out hope of a beautiful reunion scene between her and Fitz when she finally gets out of that rock(unless, of course, he’s moved on to Mack…)

At least the cast is still behaving adorably.  Looking forward to those blooper reels.  We may need the grins…


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