Can the big screen Civil War compare with this?

On a really shitty week even new photos of Pluto can’t make up for, where Marvel can’t even genderswap a character without whitewashing her too(nice as it’ll be to get Tilda Swinton into the movieverse, but couldn’t they have found an older white male mentor to genderswap for her?), one gets even more grateful for certain standouts from their collection of actors.  Not the ones who go calling Natasha a slut, obviously, but the ones who do cool things like trying to one-up each other on dubsmash.  Seriously, the dubsmash war was easily the best thing to happen at Comic Con, especially when the blooper reels weren’t leaking.  So far the best of them is easily Hayley and James getting Chris in for their victory lap:

Also undermines a would-be strategy of Clark Gregg’s. Even if he gets his wife to join in this game, how are they to beat Jarvis in the corner?


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