Watched some of Skate Detroit

So I sampled the often sound-impeded stream that Skate Detroit had running this year, which it makes sense for it to have, since it seemed much like an early Canadian SummerSkate, what with most of the skaters participating being Canadian.  Which is even funner when even the skaters representing Kazakhstan & Israel were announced as representing their Canadian skater clubs!

Speaking of which, nice as it was the see Elizabet Turzynbaeva skate so well tonight(and after all her difficulties Thursday night), one can definitely see the ways she’s a junior still; she had great jumps and skating skill but still has to grow her presence and other intangibles.  In contrast to Netta Schreiber, whose intensity in her tango program explains how she’s managed to get attention even though her success has been limited, possibly due to the lack of jumps that was her downfall tonight.

As for the North American girls, although to some extent it amused me to see Selena Zhao be the highest-scoring Canadian of the night, it may well be a sign for her, because even if she doesn’t have all the goods yet, she has a lot of them, and this being the top Canadian skater thing certainly is going to happen again sooner or later.  Honestly, I was a little surprised when Bradie Tennell trounced her; they both had falls, after all.  Even if you’d *think* Kaetlyn Osmond is going to fight back and get herself back to the top of Canadian skating this year.  Lots of mistakes at an early summer comp doesn’t necessarily mean anything, after all.  And yet she probably would’ve liked to not give Zhao the chance to take this one.

Meanwhile, on the pairs side of things, it also feels a little alarming to watch Marissa Castelli & Mervin Tran make as many mistakes as they did.  Partly because of what happened at 2015 Nationals, and partly because that Journey free will be a great one *if* they can stop messing up so much.  And also because it’s never fun to watch a lift go haywire like the one they were lucky not to fall on did.

And speaking of music choices, I do not like this increasing use of Lara Fabian’s “Je Suis Malade.”  If this new era of allowing lyrics for everyone causes it to become a skating music standard, that would be unfortunate, since it is a song you can get tired of, and also I have yet to see anyone take it on that could hope to match what Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Pojé did with it(and yes, that includes Adelina S; there may be a few surprising things she can do but match that pair isn’t something she’s indicated herself as being capable of).

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