And the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fandom is getting nasty

Seriously, it was bad enough after the finale, when all the Ward supporters went beserk.  But ever since the creators were stupid enough to show up at Comic Con and demand we all accept Skye just discarding the name she chose for herself in favor of the one she got from her less-than-stellar parents without it all being shown onscreen, it’s gotten worse.  And now, instead of keeping to the legitimate grievances, Skye/Daisy’s so-called defenders(who oddly often were Grant Ward’s defenders too) are screaming about the destruction and whitewashing of her character.  Which…the truth is she was never going to stay who she was in Season 1; the character whose story is learning to be a kick-ass action heroine must eventually finish learning and find a new story and character type if her medium runs on long enough, otherwise there are problems.  And far from whitewashing Skye, I think they’ve kind of actually racebent Daisy.

And now the people who oppose them are starting to scorn them and demanding we all start calling Skye Daisy when it’s really not too much to ask for a proper setup first, and really, can we all calm down? Maybe everyone should take 15 minutes out to watch the crack and see if they feel better then:

Seriously, Hayley, James, Clark, Chloe? You sure you want to wait until the 21st? We might all be too bitter to enjoy your dubsmashes by then at this rate.


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