Trying for some coherent reactions to the Civil War news spill

So far we’ve had a poor quality trailer someone who was in the room as the Disney Expo filmed, but it feels like we’re getting much more information out of the descriptions coming from multiple sources.  What we get from that:

The Stucky bromance might have been usurped by Matt/Foggy for the title of “Most Intense MCU Bromance” lately, but Steve and Bucky seem pretty determined to reclaim their title.  If, of course, you don’t say screw that and outright ship it.  It’s not like there are very many people discouraging us from doing so…

Speaking of friendships that probably should’ve just gone romantic, moving as it is to hear that Clint and Natasha are not liking being opponents of each other, I do hope they reconcile at some point.  It would feel like a final parting gift from Whedon, almost, if we lose even their friendship now.

Not sure if there’s any significance to us seeing Black Panther and not Spider-Man.  Maybe Marvel occasionally realizes which character fans are getting more excited about.  Or it could be that the Black Panther has a larger role than Spider-Man, and in the latter’s case they need to save all they got for the movie.  Less bothered by the lack of Daredevil, since his role has already been described as a cameo(holding out hope it’ll involve a piece of silver; I really want to see Charlie & RDJ take on that scene).

And in other Disney franchise news, Orlando Bloom is returning to Pirates of the Caribbean, with no sign Keira Knightley’s coming with him?  Of course, if they decide to set the new movie less than a decade after At World’s End, that makes sense enough.  But if Will Turner’s off the boat, how can they have the husband of the Pirate King and not have the King herself?


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