We’re getting a Mockingbird series after all!

This seems a pretty recent development, since there wasn’t a peep of it the entire summer, with Nick and Adrianne even being announced as continuing as regulars in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. next year and now they’ve even started filming, and there’s been a shot of Nick preparing for an “emotional scene” making the rounds.  Although that doesn’t mean the setup for this new Marvel’s Most Wanted hasn’t already been written and filmed, of course; they’re good at keeping secrets over at Marvel.  Mostly; there has been no official announcement of this one, which means maybe it is an accidental leak, but then again these things often are not so accidental.

The big question is: when is all this happening?  Right now, we have no idea.  It seems unlikely it could be pulled off during the fall.  During the midwinter break, airing alongside Agent Carter?  In the spring, airing alongside the second half of the third season of Agents of S.H.I.EL.D., a la Buffy and Angel once upon a time?  Ages from now, maybe even after Civil War‘s come out? (Is the premise even going to stem from that movie?)

It’s got potential to be good, though.  Bobbi Morse has had a season of being an awesome woman with a few emotional dilemmas, and one gets the feeling that’s what she’s going to be here too, possibly leaving S.H.I.E.L.D., which would be a huge emotional journey into the unknown for her, maybe even developing into her superhero self from the comics(will she even take her Mockingbird moniker?), which would probably mean the Civil War will have some sort of impact on her; hopefully they’ll pull that off well.  Plus it’s confirmed Lance will be along for the ride, and given how many Marvel ships have sunk lately(will any hope of Philinda survive this upcoming season?  It’s starting to look like the waters there are only going to get rougher), it’ll be nice to have these two as a lasting story, even if they’re probably going to break up a few more times.  And he’s certainly fun enough a character to be a boon to any series he’s on.

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