What the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 synopsis tells us

It’s been out for a day now, so there’s time to break it down, and filter out the important parts:

There was an earlier article hinting May might be considering leaving S.H.I.E.L.D., with Ming-na being unable to confirm or deny.  However, this summary about her not being back from her holiday yet makes it sound more like Something Happened to Her, especially if it’s been months, and there’s an implication he hasn’t heard from her, which makes absolutely no sense unless she’s outright disappeared.  Since we’ve been told we’ll find out what happened to Jemma fairly quickly, this mystery might also last longer.  Also, if they’re waiting for Ward’s next move, and it’s something looming “on the horizon” does that mean we’re going to eventually find out he kidnapped her(although I can’t really see him and his ragtag Hydra wannabes either not just killing her or successfully holding onto her even if they didn’t)?  Also, if her ex-husband really went with her, where did he end up?  With her, or found knocked out in some remote location with no memory of what happened?  We know he won’t be killed, since Blair Underwood’s got a role in the season, at least not immediately.

Although the leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. might even be due to trauma, or maybe just Andrew will tell her she should, and she’ll be left to consider it(I don’t believe she’s leaving the series.  Either she’ll ultimately decide to stay or if she does leave she’ll come back).  It seems as if harrowing experiences will continue to have lasting psychological consequences for the characters of the MCU, at least when the right writers are writing, since Bobbi will apparently suffer after-effects of being tortured and nearly being killed.  That she stays on the show as least for the first part of the season makes sense; as I said last week; her new series isn’t happening yet.  This might even work out for the better, giving more time for her story and new character to develop and be prepared before it has to helm its own show.

The Advanced Threat Containment Unit screams Civil War; it seems as if indeed they are going to have this story take place alongside one that will be told in a movie coming out after most if not all of it.  That’ll be an interesting balancing trick indeed, though if show and movie focus on different enough parts of a large phenomenon, it might just work.  Especially since the Civil War was always famous enough a storyline they probably figured most people coming into the movie theater next year will know a lot of things they therefore can give away freely beforehand.  Although there’s no talk of normal humans getting killed by the fish-oil pills; it seems only Inhumans are affected by them.  Which at least makes that story much less harrowing, but still provides lots of civilians who have done no wrong and are targeted by government paranoia for our heroes to help out.  Still, it’ll be interesting to see just how Coulson and crew treat them.

It’s actually relieving to have it confirmed Jemma isn’t going to turn into Lash; when that was suggested, back when we had still been told almost nothing about her, and she and Lash were reported as filming at the same time, it seemed disturbingly possible.

Ward, on the other hand, continues to be evil, though really, after what he did in the final, he couldn’t do otherwise. That his goal is to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. is a logical step from his state of mind at the end of last season. Meanwhile, it seems his version of Hydra may be the only one on the block for the TV world.  Which is a pity, since the organization we saw in Ant-Man would make for much more dangerous and cooler villains.  Really, at some point someone from them should show up and give Ward the Hydra version of that “This isn’t S.H.I.E.L.D.” speech Bobbi gave May, especially because I suspect they’d be kind of right.


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