JGP Riga Cup

Saw a good deal of the Junior Grand Prix event in Latvia this week, particularly the men’s free and free dance this morning, where we got introduced to a *lot* of new faces, not all of whom then followed through.  Yet the winners were all familiar faces, though it’s good enough to Renata Oganesian and Mark Bardei get their first gold.  Pity the rest of the pairs event was such a mess…

Also glad to see Deniss Vasiljevs get a medal on home ice after two fourth place finishes last year, and I still love that Tron program of his.  Would’ve liked it better had he won, also if Kevin Aymoz had won bronze, though Dmitri Aliev landing the quad and Alexei Krasnozhon also having more technical content than the man he beat seems fair enough.  Still kind of amazed about the latter going for a friggen quad loop!

On the other hand, I don’t think the ice dance bronze went to the right team; I really think the Mengs should’ve won it; they were definitely underscored, especially in the short dance.  Also, I have to ask: do we really want a team that might well win the junior world title(it’s too early for a clear favorite there yet) to be dancing to a track from 50 Shades of Grey, however good music said track is?  Granted, it wouldn’t we the worst free dance choice made by recent Russian junior world champions, but still…although that Popova & Vlasenko failed to break either 60 in the short or 90 in the free makes one wonder anyway.

Really sad for Amber Glenn, but even more so for Rebecca Peng, who is a beautiful skater, but just did not have her jumps.

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