JGP Colorado Springs Concludes

Well, the Russians righted themselves somewhat, in the pairs especially.  Although even if they didn’t actually win, Joy Weinberg & Maximiliano Fernandez are a pair of names to be remembered.  Not even a pair of absurd age differences selling themselves on elements they probably won’t be able to do as seniors either, but a true team skating as a pairs team ought, and could easily be the best American pair to come out of juniors since who knows when, if they can just stick it.  Although Gubanova & Sintsov are also starting to show themselves as a pair with potential too, and for more than just winning JGPs.  Even the Koreans too, if they can just not get saddled with miserable tariffs.  Yesterday was a disappointment for them, obviously, but hey, it’s very early goings for them, and yesterday’s not what they’re very specifically formed for.  That’s coming up in two and a half year’s time.

It’s more disappointing Vivian Le won’t be at the Finale, especially since a skater of her dazzle ought to be.  Although it’s tempered by knowing that, unlike last year, there will be American representation there, and not just as a singles pairs them that squeaked itself in.  We had two winners here plus Weinberg & Fernandez where it would taking some crazy events for them to not make it.  Meanwhile, kind of amused by what happened above Le.  Here came all the hype about Marin Honda, and it looks well-founded enough Friday, but then she went and lost to some other Japanese girl noone’s heard of; there is literally no competition record on Yuna Shiraiwa’s ISU profile, even, besides this one win.  We’ll have to see what this kid does next.  Both these kids, really.

Also starting to note an increase of programs done to Slumdog Millionaire, even in the ice dance, where they’ve had full use of the soundtrack since the movie came out.  Not that this is a bad thing; there’s enough choice of tracks and enough beauty in them that it can bear heavy use without getting annoying to viewers.


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