These sisters

If last night was the last time we see Venus vs. Serena, what was match to end with:

No holds barred, Venus rising to the occasion, and Serena, in the end, finding her way to the finish line again. The Calender Slam getting yet more likely, especially with Petra Kvitova now out today; and with Vika Azarenka going out minutes ago, just about the only player left now with even a prayer of stopping it is Simona Halep. And a sisterly hug at the end.

Also, it’s not news the cops are racist, and nor is it news that James Blake is a man with a lot of class.  But…yeah.


One thought on “These sisters

  1. I can’t say I like Serena Williams that much but if she plays well, she deserves to win… I was impressed by the day you spent with YOUR sister at the Us Open. It must have been exciting to be there and to go from court to court.
    As to James Blake, it is a disgrace for the police what has happened. When I read news from the US and your mother and other American friends speaking (or, more rightly) reading them, I feel the US are back to the 1960s and even worse. I hope there will be a true investigation and apologies made for this dangerous treatment of a US citizen only because of a mistaken personality and the colour of his skin.

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