Trip Photos Blog #2: Leuven Botanical Gardens

I went to Leuven’s Botanical Gardens during my first full day there.  An odd choice of destination, I suppose, considering it was a day where it was constantly either raining or threatening to; I ended up spending a lot of time there underneath trees and other covers.  Despite that disadvantage, especially when the greenhouse was between exhibits and so had nothing in it to see, I enjoyed my time there, and took a lot of photos.

Ironically I came to the main entrance last, a little gatehouse containing a map of the gardens and other details, as well as a dry bench I was very grateful to have by then.  Great doors wide open on either side, out of which lay streets on one side and gardens on the other.


I came in through the adjoining gate instead, and began the quest of seeking shelter from the rain.  Initially I found a bench with this lovely view:


That corner of the garden also boasted some pretty silver ferns:


I then ducked under some nearby trees, which stood with a much shorter one:


This area of the garden led to boxed plots which individual plants were planted, including two water plots for water plants:


At the end of that were plants in pots, including one that had been knocked down:


Another tree had branches and leaves that cloaked it enough that from one angle it appeared to have no trunk, though the trunk was visible from another:


Near that tree was a back area, where plants were grown by a typical Leuven brick wall.


There was also a tree stump in the mulch

There was also a tree stump in the mulch

The back of the garden also had a artificial stream, which flowed from a pair of small ponds in one section, and terminated in a great lake:


There were also statues decorating the garden, including at least one girl who could sit about in the rain in no discomfort:


Some plants near her:


The latter photo was one of the trees I saw when I took shelter in the shadow of the greenhouse.  Here’s another one:


The benches all announced themselves as belonging to the Leuven Botanical Garden:


The cactuses kept in the greenhouse were not properly on display, but at least there was one growing outside to look at:



5 thoughts on “Trip Photos Blog #2: Leuven Botanical Gardens

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  2. Another nice blog ful of strange things like the cloaked tree trunk – loaked by its own foliage – and the cacti. But the strangest is the statue with its head and its two forearms raised towards the sky. Any explanation provided?
    In French, we would say: “vous deviez être trempée comme une soupe !”, which means: “you must have been as wet as a soup” – it comes from the fact that we put small thin slices of bread on the soup plates and laddle the soup over it (peasant fashion) so that the bread is “trempé” – wet.
    Thank you for your blogs: I am travelling with you! 🙂

      • So, that’s make him a “sinking man”. Try to see if you can apply your google translator to the postcard and you may find the general meaning of the poem. This statue is truly striking and embarrassing… I repeat it: I like your blogs and find tout shots very interesting and revealing.
        Have you gone back to work today? Not too tired?

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