Trip Photos Blog #5: London

The final two days of our vacation was spent in London.  I didn’t take as many photos there  as I did the other locations, but I did take a few on the first of the two.

That morning I went to Camden Town, and to the market there.  At one end is the remains of a canal:


It can be transversed by a bridge with a willow at the end, and I wasn’t the only one taking pictures of the latter:


Nearby I managed to find and buy a trio of lovely necklaces:

The spoils of Camden

The spoils of Camden

Later that day I went to St. James’ Park, where it is important to take as many photos of waterfowl as possible:


Pigeons too:


And the great lake itself:


From there I went into Green Park, a place that lived up to its name:


Green Park was also the location of the Canada Memorial:


I also came to the Wellington Arch:


4 thoughts on “Trip Photos Blog #5: London

  1. Dad and I used to love to walk from St James through to Green Park. I remember we went to some concerts at one of them — in summer when we were there. Oasis.

  2. Izzy, I am sad this is the end of your travelogue! As interesting and lovely as the others. I love your necklaces ( mostly the bue one). I am always surprised to see so many birds and greenery at the heart of London. Paris is more strict even in its garden – or you would say formal. But this comes from our 17th century for the gardens and from our governments fear of revolutions and rebellions after 1850, when Napoleon III had the town remodelled.
    You have had your days well filled during this rather short time in Europe but you have given us a full and nice report of it, to return to and to re-read.
    Thank you.

      • Oh, yes! You have done a big work and a marvelous work! You know, at one time, you might do the same in Washington or in places you like at Alexandria: people (at least I and Anne-Marie) are interested in such reporting! You introduce us to worlds we don’t know. 🙂

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