General thoughts post-JGP series

Although most of my current thoughts are a lot more on we’ve seen at the senior-level events.

If anyone is going to stop a Russian sweep of the ladies podium at Worlds this year, it’s probably going to be Mao Asada.  Wow, did she ever come back.  On the other hand, I’m actually not that worried about Patrick Chan skating less than well at the Japan Open; it’s hardly the first time that’s happened.  Same goes for Ashley, and as for Gracie…well, we still don’t know about her anymore.

But now I wish even more Ashley had gotten a new long program, because she wasn’t the only one to keep her Moulin Rouge long, and meanwhile, it seems everyone else is skating to it too this year!  I hate to say it, because I absolutely love the movie, but there’s too much of it.

At least there are even less threats coming up to Ashley and Gracie from the juniors.  Really, this whole situation is just getting sad.  Only Vivian Le even being a medal contender, or even finishing in the top 15 in the standings.  At least things are looking slightly better in the men and ice dance, where I’m especially impressed with how good the Parsonses have gotten.  I’m sorry Deniss Vasiljevs didn’t make the finale, though.

Speaking of American ice dance, THE SHIBUTANIS NEED A NEW COACH.  We always had reason to worry about how Marina Zueva would manage things technically, and once her already perfected pair of teams moved on, we see: not well.  I’m not sure which coaches would be the best solution at this point, but if this goes on much longer the judges are going to get fed up, and with Hubbell & Donohue and Hawayek & Baker(we can assume nothing from Finlandia, what with that fall) already nipping at their heels, to say nothing of any other junior teams that might break through, they aren’t even certain to make it to PyeongChang.

Although I was impressed by the two teams that beat them at Ondrej Nepala, and more than I thought I’d be.  It seems especially that Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier are further venturing into the world of voids, and it’s always good to have a ridiculously voidy team about.  And I’m seriously wondering how much further Penny Coomes & Nicholas Buckland can go, if they can avoid getting this season derailed the way last season was.

Happy Konstantin Menshov won today in Finland, too.  I guess if he’s going to continue to be fun to watch, sure, he can stick around.  But nonetheless I’m kind of really sad Adam didn’t win on National Coming Out Day, because that would’ve been really nice.  But Menshov won fair and square; it’s not like he’s someone the judges do too many favors for.


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