So there was another change of plans

It was inevitable, perhaps.  From the time Ant Man proved such a success, and there was the comment about Hope van Dyck not appearing in Civil War because she needed more room for her story to happen, we knew there was going to have to be a sequel, and that they might not want to wait until after Phase 3.  At least this new movie inserted into the lineup has a female co-lead, even as the movie with the sole female lead gets pushed back as a result again.  And honestly, I’m kind of hoping Hope will be the true lead of Ant Man and the Wasp, even if she has to share the movie title with the white male character.  She’s the one with the story that really needs to be told now, after all.  Which means that so far in the MCU franchises, we have had one TV show with a sole female lead, another one where one of the female characters has pretty much become the secondary lead, one upcoming Netflix series and (at last report) one upcoming ABC series which will also have female leads, and now, one upcoming movie with a female co-lead and one upcoming(if continually delayed) movie with a sole female lead.  But how good a job are they doing with them all?

Peggy Carter: At least here there’s no debating Marvel’s done good, creating a good, complicated, and badass female lead, and even giving her show a second season despite low ratings.  Although it is kind of worrying to hear her female friend may not be returning; female friendship is something else Marvel can always do with more of.  Perhaps we can see her back in the third season?  If there is one….

Daisy Johnson: And there actually is the main problem with this character right now-they are trying to quickly lock her in as her 616 equivalent, and simply have not done enough to justify her discarding the name she chose for herself for the one given to her by her less-than-nice parents.  There do seem to be surface issues in general with Daisy this season; the sudden romance with Lincoln feels shoehorned in too.  On the other hand, contrary to what certain fans have been insisting, she’s still Skye in her essentials, still holding on to her compassion, her morals, her ability to think and move quickly and outside the box, and her willingness to clash with Coulson, and went we don’t have Andrew Garner hammering her character arc in, it’s felt very natural and strong.    Something her show needs right now too…

Jessica Jones: Apparently everyone loved the first episode of her series when it was screened in New York a couple of weeks ago, but we except high quality from Netflix, especially after seeing Daredevil.   There is the big worry, however, of just how well they’re going to handle some very serious subject matter in her(it would certainly be weird if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ended up being the show that handled PTSD better), so final judgement must be reserved until the entire thing’s available.

Bobbi Morse: The first three episodes of the third season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s felt like Bobbi’s been shifted on the screen time a little, honestly, although what we’ve seen has had more good than bad.  And I’m not sure either if they ever planned to remove her and Lance from the show this early, or if the plan always was to keep them on a little longer before moving them to their spinoff; he’s been playing a pretty vital role so far.  If they really are going to do this new Marvel’s Most Wanted series, you gotta think she’ll have more screentime later to set it up.  If they don’t change their minds on it again…they did an excellent job creating Bobbi last season, but now they’ve got to keep doing things with her.

Hope van Dyck: As said above, I really hope she’s the stealth full lead in this new project.  Although it’ll be interesting how they handle her, considering she did not make the best impression as a person in Ant Man.  Not that her constant anger in that movie wasn’t fully justified, but after we’ve spent a movie watching her take it out on Scott, who’s just a decent person in over his head, and then randomly kiss him at the end…well, we have to hope the two of them are in a better place with each other by the time this next movie opens.  You can say having a female lead not be a pleasant person is its own kind of progress, but honestly, in this kind of movie, be the lead male or female, it’s better if you like them at least somewhat.

Carol Danvers: Well, maybe if they didn’t keep delaying her movie, we could make an evaluation on her!

So all in all, four female leads plus two female co-leads are a mixed bag with the potential to be very good.  Although it would be better if there were a few more of them, really.  And we could be sure about when two of them are debuting as leads.


2 thoughts on “So there was another change of plans

  1. How the hell was Hope Van Dyne “unpleasant”? It’s like you didn’t watch the film at all.

    You are wrong on several counts. First of all her relationship with Scott improves during the film, before the kiss in fact and second, the kiss wasn’t random, it was established she was physically attracted to him early on.

    • Her relationship with him might improve, but not the point where you expect them to be kissing. And in the meantime, her treatment of him for wrongs done by her father stands out.

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