Four episodes in

So far, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been continuing that crazy emotional-cocktail-shot-to-the-arm thing they’ve got going.  Although recently, it’s become very hit and miss.  Sometimes at the same time(this woman called Daisy, for one thing, although I covered that in my last MCU blog).  It’s complicated that way.

Hit: Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.  Four episodes so far, and even the one of them that was supposed to let the Fitzsimmons plot sit for a week before next week’s big episode still ended with a scene that hit you right in the feels.  These two are the most endearing of the main characters, their actors may well be the most talented in the main cast, and the writers are making use of that for all its worth.  They have also made Leo Fitz just about the most wonderful man in the world by making him badass on top of everything else(though in a way that makes sense for him and was precedented as early as “The Hub”), and anyone that doesn’t root for him doesn’t have a heart.  I am both excited for and dreading next week’s episode, where it’s not going to be easy to see Jemma going from the character we’ve known and loved for two seasons to the traumatized creature Fitz got back through the portal.

Miss: Melinda May’s leaving S.H.I.E.L.D.  Sorry, but I still. don’t. buy. it.  I understand that it must have been hard to think up a story for this character after season one, but that doesn’t excuse shoehorning in one that’s not believable.  Yeah, it makes for great drama and more feels when we see Philinda together again(hell, maybe that’ll ultimately happen after all), but you still don’t buy that they got this way in the first place.  Really need her to get back in so I can forget this weirdness ever happened.  Though it has been fun seeing her and Lance work together.  Except for the latest turn that’s taken…

Miss: THEY FRIDGED ANDREW!  They’d already killed off too many characters of colour on this show as it is, and now they throw away one of the best foils for the main characters they’ve had just for May angst and May/Hunter drama?!  And no, it will not be better if he turns out the be Lash.  Hell, it’ll be worse, because that would undermine all the work he’s done as a foil.  If that’s the alternative, I’d rather he just be dead.

Hit and Miss: Ironically, that’s been the moment this season Ward’s been most recognizable, when his being evil actually made sense for him, and he sold it like a champ.  I suppose the writers are going with a final-descent-into-evil thing with him throughout, especially as he ironically gets more and more like Garrett, but this head villain honcho thing isn’t really his style.  Although either way, at this point I just want him dead.

Hit: Mack!  Seriously loving me some Mack, who’s getting his own growth as a character and this lovely friendship with Daisy.  Getting promoted to the main cast has been good to him.  I wouldn’t exactly mind if at some point he kissed Joey either…

Potential Hit: Though really, I just hope we see more of Joey, and that he survives it.  He may technically not be the first LGBT character to show up in the MCU, but he is the first one established as it even to those who know nothing about the comics.  They did him right in his first appearance too.

Mostly a Hit: Rosalind, the ATCU, the lead-in to Civil War, the flirty rivals, all of it.  I really hope they don’t kill her off, although she does seem in deep danger of it, given none of the leaders who’s been at all adversarial to Coulson have survived the season they were introduced in(maybe she could just disappear, then show up on Daredevil having taken the last name of Sharpe?).  Although I probably would have loved their first confrontation if I hadn’t known better…

Miss: Seriously, writers, could you not have done the slightest bit of research about the DC metro?  The train times really aren’t that reliable, the interiors do not look like they do in NYC, and you certainly are not allowed to have food or drinks there.  Besides, if you had done it, you could’ve had a fun end to that scene where the train caught fire and confused the hell out of everyone because none of them had caused it!


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