Post-Skate America Thoughts

So the first Grand Prix event of the year is now in the books, and IceNetwork only malfunctioned during the first half of the free dance when there was Doctor Who to watch anyway(although they could do with not having those when they’re still raising their prices every year…), so I saw a good amount of it.  Quick thoughts on each of the four disciplines:

Happy to see the top three ladies all skate so well, but, um…Satoko Miyahara was way underscored.  And I’m saying that as someone who multiple times has watched by Twitter feed fall all over each other in adoration for her and failed to get what the fuss was about.  She was definitely a much more stunning skater than the two girls who finished ahead of her, and her presentation scores should have reflected that.  I’ve not sure it was enough to actually affect the placements, since she was so far behind Gracie, but…it might have been.

I think the men got confused.  Most of them seemed to think it was Skate Canada!  Uno, of course, realize what event it was, and given how just about every Japanese man of note has won Skate America these past ten years, when the only time one of them hasn’t taken it was that one time Evan managed it and that weird time Brezina won, I’m sure he’ll get his gold on American Grand Prix ice sooner or later.  But not this year, it seemed, because Max Aaron apparently didn’t care he was supposed to be a fluke, or a has-been, or an unartistic jumper, or whatever we were all assuming he was, before he went and showed he’s become good enough to hold off a meteorically rising Japanese boy and win a Grand Prix title.  This weekend was huge for both guys.  Also, I continue to feel sad for Menshov.  It seems that even when he takes the ice in medal position after the short, you know from the start he doesn’t really have a chance of staying there.

Also a general thought for singles: this voiding of doubled solo jumps in the short program is probably going to cause a lot of chaos throughout the season, and I fear it might not be the good kind either.

Also continue to love Julianne Seguin & Charlie Bilodeau; very happy they medaled.  Also continuing to wonder what the hell is going on with Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov.  I suppose it’s encouraging they didn’t split after last season’s bizareness, but if this goes on they’re going to start to wish they had!

Would have liked to have disliked the skating of the top two teams in ice dance, and rant about how they didn’t deserve it. Problem is, I can’t really say that about Chock & Bates, and meanwhile Sinitsina & Katsalapov really impressed me with their free dance.  But can they continually get the tech scores they need under Zueva?


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