Agents of SHIELD, where the wild fan theories turn out to be true

In most shows, if you had a character, and meanwhile there’s another villainous character running around possibly posing as someone else, and for the first character to behave like the second character is pretty close to anathema of who he is and what he stands for, and the magical phlebotinum involved in the creation of the second character is shown to only change people physically, not mentally, the very idea of the first character proving to be the second character would be so absurd the show wouldn’t go for it.

But this is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where of course they did.  Really, noone should’ve been *that* surprised at the twist at the end of this week’s episode.  I was more surprised our two action heroines weren’t walking into a trap(especially since the preview had claimed they would!), but I suppose Ward was smart enough to know if May’s involved, any trap plans probably wouldn’t have succeeded anyway.

Of course, they’ll probably just declare that sometimes the mists change people mentally as well.  Although if that stinger’s any indication, Andrew Garner has been changed as a person even when he’s not in his Lash form.  Which means his work as a foil this entire season has been undermined, and possibly his work from last season as well.  When that was a voice the show really could’ve used, especially as Coulson strays further and further away from the path.  I remember last season certain fans accusing the writers of destroying a certain character for the shock value, and, well, they’ve certainly done that now, and to a character it was a really bad idea to do that to.  It’ll probably ultimately end with yet another dead character of color too, just to make May’s life more tragic.

Speaking of angry fans, I admit, I am finding it amusing to think current events may end with Daisy running away and going on adventures with her lover, the way all the remaining Skyeward fans have wanted, except that the lover will be Lincoln instead.  I am not looking forward to the firestorm on social media that will result, of course.  But once again, the writers are making sure her running away makes *sense*, and they have set things up pretty well for that.

So which fan theory is going to turn out to be true next?  Will Will be something menacing?  Will Ward get thrown out of his own Hydra by Gideon Malick?  Will Mr. Price(assuming her ever existed) turn out to be alive, with or without his wife knowing that?  Will Cal reappear when Lash gets confused and tries to go kill him?  Will one of Coulson’s replacement hands gain sentience and wreck havoc throughout the Playground?  Anything seems possible nowadays.


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