Ming-Na’s turn to shine

I’m still not entirely sure how much I approve of Melinda May’s current storyline, and I’m not just saying that as a Philinda shipper.  It’s definitely annoying how the storylines of two of the female characters now are caught up in their feelings about men.  But given how often on TV the Strong Woman becomes weakened when she falls in love, I must say I love how that very much does not happen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Having her heart broken does not stop May from being as awesome as ever.  Instead, we get a chance for Ming-Na Wen to really exercise her acting talents, and as in “Melinda” last season, she did not disappoint.

I do wonder what’s going to happen now, though.  With the promo revealing that the ACTU is not developing a cure, it’s a safe bet the transformations have gone back to being hopelessly irreversible, which means there may be no saving poor Andrew, who’s too far gone into the transformation already.  Except given how these writers are, I’m worried they won’t realize that someone who kidnaps May, chains her up, and then speaks to her the way he did is not someone she should ever take back.  If, on the other hand, they realize this is essentially a story of a good man suffering an incurable affliction which destroys his mind, well, there will be lots of pain, and lots more of Ming-Na breaking our hearts, but they just might do this right.

Although he might just end the next week dead.  In which case, I am pretty sure Rosalind is going to be doomed, since after all, going after one man Melinda May cares for, you’re in trouble enough, but go after the both of them, and…yeah.  But I’m actually sorry if she does indeed to turn out to be a full villain; I was really enjoying her as a more complicated character. (And no, I don’t mind the whole Cousalind business, even as a Philinda shipper.  In fact, I’m quite enjoying it.  It’s not like there’s any question which woman he cares about more.)

At least they’re doing the Fitzsimmons story right.  Him reading her logs, his reaction, her making clear how much she cares for him while not rushing to make any promises she can’t yet fully commit to, the watching of the sunrise.  Two scenes which still outshone everything else going on this season.

Meanwhile, we have Lincoln finally joining up with our heroes, and a brief but very satisfying look at Joey as an obvious Secret Warrior in training, although that whole fantasy of Andrew/Lash killing him must have freaked everyone out; we may never stop fearing that they’re going to kill him off!


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