Of Course #ItsAllConnected

We really shouldn’t have been surprised by any of the twists Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has thrown at us.  Especially not the ones that took all the multiple plots going on this first half of the season and tied them neatly together in time for the final two episodes.  That’s what this show does.

Still, even when the twists aren’t that surprising, there can be ways to make them effective.  Good acting helps.  It definitely would’ve been too easy for Rosalind Price to be Hydra, so I doubt anyone was surprised when she turned out not to be, but at least we had Constance Zimmer bringing some more basic emotion into the scene where fearless leader realized she’d been played by Hydra.   Much more impactful was the revelation that the portal and Will’s being sent through it were Hydra-related as well, which wasn’t quite something you saw coming from a mile away, and Powers Boothe’s voiceover combined with a grim Fitzsimmons putting the line of symbols down in front of everyone, Rosaline now included, the first we’ve seen of them since that painful reckoning ended with the scene cut off suddenly by them seeing something unknown in the symbols…that’s the moment that sends you reeling.

Unless you were reeling already due to said painful reckoning.  It’s been kind of fascinating to watch everyone’s reaction to that scene, from people celebrating that they finally kissed, or simply that they finally said some things that needed to be said, to those who only see more pain on the way.  Personally, after hearing Fitz’s assessment of Will, I just wish someone would sit him down and tell him how ridiculously beautiful, brave, smart, compassionate, and badass-when-called-for man he himself is, because he clearly needs to hear it.  Preferably from Jemma.  They’re not done talking yet.  Although if Will turns out to be a knowing Hydra agent, she’s going to be in for even more pain, but I suspect he won’t be, simply because that would be way too easy a way out of the love triangle.

Those were the highlights of this week’s episode, of course, but the rest was pretty good too, from Lance having too much fun as the hacker while Daisy’s feeding him his lines(love how her getting superpowers has not at all led to her original skillset being forgotten), to Coulson being (mostly) chill and dangerous, to May surprising with her compassion even as her woes continue to get even worse.

Speaking of which, can Ward die next week, and let fans be the ones that get their Closure?  It’s the week before the mid-season finale, after all, with everything already coming together, and we’ve now got a bigger villain in position to take his place, and really, he seriously needs to die, especially if he goes threatening Jemma, for being brought back, or Fitz, for bringing her back, or Daisy, for controlling the monolith.  Actually, his threatening the last would explain why Coulson apparently is going to go a bit bonkers over him.  It would be an appropriate end, if Coulson took him out, and then is left to deal with the man he’s now become in the aftermath.


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