After a weekend of watching skating

This was a weird weekend, with the other half of my Twitter feed watching their way through Jessica Jones, leaving me seriously wondering how they could marathon such a show; I’ve reached the third episode and that’s some rough stuff.  I also attempted a twelve-tone opera, since the Met was doing a movie broadcast of one, only to flee after the second act, albeit for reasons other than the twelve-tone music.  But I still saw a good deal of sectionals, as well as three of the four free skate segments of the Rostelecom Cup, and also most of the gala this morning.  Also some of the Tallinn Trophy, including the senior pairs free.  Thoughts on some of the things I saw:

Rostelecom Cup ice dance: You have to wonder just a little bit about the reversal of fortunes for the reigning Olympic bronze medalists and their new partners.  Yes, Sinitsina & Katsalapov have been pretty good, and I’m not sure they don’t deserve their high scores.  But I am skeptical that Ilinykh & Zhiganshin deserve their lower ones. Obviously the short dance here was a different matter because he fell down, but the difference is particularly jarring when the two teams even got the same tariff in the free, and that Frida program’s a pretty good one too.  It feels particularly troubling when you consider Russia’s only got two spots to Worlds this year; are certain people trying to decide which two teams go even before Russian Nationals(let alone Europeans/the Russian Cup Finale)?

Rostelecom Cup men: I feel really bad for Adam Rippon and his fans.  Thinking he’s grabbed a bronze, and then it turns out he hasn’t?  You wish the tech panel had gotten that spin graded right on their first try(assuming, of course, that changing the level on it on further review was the right thing to do…), and spared everyone that.

Rostelecom Cup pairs: And after a whole calendar year of things continually going wrong, Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov suddenly skated well again.  The question is, is that for just for one weekend, or a sign they’re coming out of whatever the hell’s been going on since January?  They’ve got a pretty good chance of making the GPF-I think if they confirm they’re using the TEB short results for the standings they’ll be mathematically locked-so we’ll have to see what they end up doing there.

Eastern Sectionals: Not a good sign at all for Ashley Cain that she didn’t win this thing.  On the other hand, although I didn’t watch it, quite comforted to see Rebecca Peng won; her JGP struggles broke my heart.  Also impressed by Julia Biechler & Damian Dodge.

Midwestern Sectionals: Seems in the other battle of the former partners going on this week, Danielle & Daniel came out the winners.  But when one considers that Matthew Blackmer two and a half years ago was skating pairs rather than ice dance, you couldn’t expect him and Aldridge to win this kind of battle just yet, and that may change in the future.

Pacific Coast Sectionals: Gotta be happy for Sean Rabbitt’s latest triumph.  Happy for Sierra Venetta too, after seeing her at Micheal Weiss’s show earlier this fall.

Tallinn Trophy: If she and her new partner keep on skating and scoring like that, Aliona Savchenko could be back on top of the world fast, especially if this latest injury of Volosozhar & Trankov’s has any lasting effects.  The big question, of course, is if she’ll be there come February 2018.  Though I was rather impressed by actual German skaters Mari Vartmann & Ruben Blommaert too; those two make a strong team.


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