The Grand Prix Series Wraps Up…

And again the weekend has seen the world of figure skating be touched by an act of terrorism, only this time, the victims included one of their own:

Christine Fowler & Garrett Swasey

RIP Garrett Swasey, 1992 Junior US Champion in ice dance.

And meanwhile, when presumably the Russians, the Canadians, or both were trying to get the ISU to bend things so that their skating stars could get to the Grand Prix Finale despite their bad shorts in Bordeaux, one imagines they didn’t think the ultimate beneficiaries of it would be Julianne Seguin & Charlie Bilodeau(though it’s unlikely the Canadians mind, obviously).    After all, while it’s not impossible they might have moved up to second has the free skates in France happened, you didn’t feel a certainty of them moving up like Patrick Chan or Liza T would’ve almost certainly done.  But at least they’re a wonderful pair, and it should be a treat for the Barcelona audience to see them.

As for the NHK Trophy itself, certainly Hanyu put on quite the show, and is effectively the new Patrick Chan, in that he’s undefeatable when he goes clean.  So did Satoko Miyahara, essentially, when one considers how everybody else in that ladies competition skated-I’d be worried for the implications of Mao struggling with her free skate for two Grand Prix events in a row, but you seriously wonder if there was something wrong with the ice.  But the high score that might be the most significant for the skaters in question might be the FD score the Shibutanis got.  They might not have looked that good in their season debut, but the Grand Prix season so far as been encouraging.  And a team that gets 106 even with a lift deduction has a definite chance of taking the national title from Chock & Bates, and they also are back in the conversation for the world podium.


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