#RosalindLives! Sigh…

Really, I was pissed off enough when we had to spend two weeks thinking they’d fridged Andrew(which they kind of have still done, since it’s hard to believe there’s any way he’ll get out of this one alive.  And then, before the opening title had even appeared, I had a new reason to be pissed off.

Seriously, Rosalind Price deserved a far better fate than just to get killed as an excuse to send Coulson beserkers.  We still have too far female characters with her kind moral ambiguity to them in Marvel(Jessica Jones is helping, but only so much), and it would’ve been ridiculously awesome to see her get the better of Malick and the others who duped her for so long.  She could’ve even done a heroic sacrifice if they really didn’t want to keep her around.  But no, in her final episode, she apparently only existed to cause Coulson pain.  That’s practically an insult.

Speaking of which, I don’t even buy Coulson going into the deep end over her anyway.  If Ward had killed a member of his team?  Sure, I could see him doing it.  If he even nearly killed May? (who wasn’t doing much in this episode anyway; she could’ve done the conversations with Mack from a sickbed or something)  Absolutely.  If he even so much as threatened Daisy?  I would’ve practically expected it.  But surely he knows better than to get that attached to Rosalind Price, when it was only the end of last episode he was given any reason to trust her, and how could he have still been certain yet of her honesty?  For the first time, I feel like the writers were trying to sell this love story for more than it’s worth, and how natural and in-character it felt for every episode before this makes that just worse.

Also, while Fitzsimmons continue to be heartbreaking and Fitz continues to be the most wonderful man in love ever, I’m getting a little tired of all the suffering getting heaped on them.  Bad enough he suffered the after-effects of anoxia for nearly a year and she spent half a year stranded on a hostile alien world, now they both have to be tortured too?  (Although do the writers even realize what Ward did to Fitz also officially counts as torture?  They don’t always realize such things).  I’m even getting tired of this utter vilifying of Ward.  Not that his behavior this episode didn’t make sense, but if it was him who threw Tom down that well, why didn’t Christian tell that to Coulson during “House Divided” anyway? (Unless there’s something about Tom we’re not being told.  Which…is actually kind of plausible.  But still…)

Last night was certainly a thrill ride, and it was a delight to see Mack step up(he’s one of the best parts of this season).  But I really hope next week doesn’t make me feel the need to yell “Hold it!”  this many times.


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