Relieved and Disappointed

I got so anxious over Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s mid-season finale that I spent most of yesterday telling myself how many hours it would be until 10-when it would all be over, we would know all we were going to learn before March, and everyone who was going to die would be dead.  After all, we had seen the preview articles say “deaths” plural, although they also revealed Mack would make it through alive, as well as Coulson, but that one was a given, as was Daisy, and we also knew the two stars of Marvel’s Most Wanted couldn’t be killed off.  Which just made me all the more fearful for Fitzsimmons, and also for May.  We had also been promised shocking twists.

I’m afraid they really did hype it too much.  I suppose they counted Will’s death as happening on screen, since the only named character who actually got killed during the episode itself was Ward.  We didn’t even lose Andrew Garner/Lash!  But the twists weren’t really that far out of left field.  Hell, during that final hugging scene, I was waiting for the stinger to reveal Coulson or possibly Fitz had been possessed by Maveth.  Surely, after all, Ward being possessed by him wouldn’t be heartbreaking enough…but no, they went with the easy one there.

Except I can’t really be upset by that.  Because after all the anguish we’ve seen everyone go through, even with Coulson having done what he did, and Will dead, and Fitzsimmons both likely to suffer more as a result, just to see everyone, surviving, and together, and not even fighting with each other for once, is just too damn relieving.  I’m even a little grateful to the writers for it, for giving us that respite for the winter.

And I still don’t really buy Coulson’s motivations for going too far-I could buy him going too far, but not over Rosalind Price.  Plus I didn’t really buy Ward suddenly turning Hydra zealot in this one, in contrast to just about everything he’s shown himself to be from the time we first learned he was Hydra.  But I’m still deeply relieved he’s finally dead, one way or another(and yet we get to keep Brett and his puns for at least a bit longer).

There are a few other things.  We all were protective of Joey already, but after this episode, we’re all going to really love him, and it’s still relieving he’s still alive, although maybe we can still be a *little* disappointed there wasn’t time for a couple more Secret Warrior antics.  That Jemma Simmons seems to have come out of her torture with no long-term physical issues is also relieving, and it was fun to see her escape and moving to see her try to cope with all that came after, but you still feel like she ought to have suffered some sort of damage.

Now Agent Carter is currently scheduled for late January, so we have a month to come down from everything MCU-related we’ve gotten overwhelmed by this past month, ABC show, Netflix show, newly debuted trailer, and all.  Unless we get more Civil War footage first…


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