Christmas Weekend was Russian/Japanese Nationals Weekend!

And we come out of it almost with more questions than answers. Such as:

It seems Russia has chosen its top two ice dance teams, and so have the international judges. But how much of a chance do Sinitsina & Katsalapov and Bobrova & Soloviev have to get that third Worlds berth back? There are four teams I don’t see either of them beating, which means they both have to at least make the top eight, and the even then one of them would need to be fifth. The Shibutanis get their levels, that might not happen either. If they then have to hold for sixth and seventh, they still have told hold off Gilles & Poirier. It’s doable, but one slip from either team and it’s all over.

Do the men have any chance at all of getting that third berth back? I suppose we can’t be entirely sure which man they’ll send with Kovtun yet; that likely will be settled after Europeans, but will he even be able to provide either Kolyada or Petrov will leeway for it? He’s just as likely to drop to back half of the top ten and make it impossible.

Speaking of who goes to Worlds, what happens if Anna P skates badly at Europeans? You know in that case the Russian federation will want to reassign that third ladies spot, especially if they think there’s someone who’ll increase their chances at a podium sweep, but to whom? If they put it up for grabs at the Russian Cup final, will anyone be ready to lay claim to it then? Give her a couple more months, and maybe Adelina will be, of maybe Julia will benefit enough from extra recover time, but you just don’t know. Will Mishin try to just politick his reigning World champion back onto the team(she didn’t sound in her press conference like she thought that would happen, but…)?

It also looks like at Worlds Medvedeva will win, and if you had to put money on a second medalist, I’d definitely put it on Radionova. But who on Earth’s going to get that third medal? Miyahara’s looking good for the repeat, but the way the judges sometimes deal with her, you feel like if any of Mao, Ashley, or Gracie had a good week, they would take it instead. Hell, maybe Hongo will shock, or we’ll ultimately end up with a Russian sweep after all.

Has Hanyu gotten all the falls out of his system now?

Can we please have Stolbova & Klimov and Volosozhar & Trankov have their head to head already? This delay of it’s getting annoying. Hopefully they’ll both show up at Europeans, since it won’t be much of a competition if someone gets injured again.

Can whoever is in charge of such things at ESPN3 get Tanja Noranta a different co-commentator next year, after that sexist bullshit that guy said about Pervushkina’s program? ┬áCan they please get a new sound team too?


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