The Daredevil Season 2 Countdown Beginneth

We have March as a release month, though we don’t have a day yet.  Only three months and it’s time to start the hyping immediately, and EW gets the honor of starting it.

The article does make a reassuring claim that the new showrunners “retain what fans loved about the first year,” which would be better if we could be sure of what EW thinks fans loved about the first year, although elsewhere in the article we get it indicated that the darkness and grittiness of the show will be kept(duh), and also that it will again reflect some of the issues of our own times.  We already knew, thanks to an earlier leak, that, yeah, Frank was going to be brutal, but now we’ve got a screenshot that may or may not be recreating a scene from the comics, although it doesn’t look like Matt has a gun in the screen version, so perhaps its just an allusion(although if we did have that scene, I’m sure it would be a remarkable one).  Also, the article says the first couple of episodes might have fans siding with him, which makes you wonder just who he’s going to be punishing and what they did.

The description of Elektra, more than anything else, makes me seriously wonder if she’s going to survive the season.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Punisher killed her.  Hopefully at least she won’t die Frank Miller style.

And it seems they are pushing the Matt/Karen on us.  With possibly his then turning away from her to run back to his evil ex(seriously, Foggy already did that to her last season.  Can’t she catch a break?).  After the first season, while I love them both I cannot say I love them together(although I can’t deny that photo’s kind of cute), but right now, my main concern is her characterization.  I don’t want her to be “just” the love interest.  There have been far too many times in media where that’s happened to a woman who previously had her own story, and we don’t yet know that these showrunners wouldn’t do it; they’re not the ones who created the Karen we loved of season one, who let her have her own story and take her own actions and influence the plotline without Matt’s involvement until everything came together in the end.  At least let her be an important ally to him who gets things done, please?

Although if we do get that Karen back for season 2, with maybe her past revealed, facing down her own demons and again being like Matt, determined to Make Things Better whatever the consequences to herself, and have her meet with Matt that way, rejecting his overprotectiveness and calling him out when he needs to be called out?  I might be talked into shipping that.

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