Two Weeks to Agent Carter

Alas, we would’ve had it tonight if not for that pesky State of the Union.  But meanwhile, the first episode summaries were released this week.  So far, Peggy has remained Peggy, with her lipstick and her shotgun and her willingness to stride boldly to wherever the danger is.  There is also a murder, and Dottie is showing up immediately, which may or may not mean she committed it, but so far we still don’t have much of an idea of the overall plot besides dark conspiracy in Hollywood.

We finally get a longtime promo photo explained: Daniel Sousa is now chief of one branch of the SSR, while Jack Thompson presumably remains in charge on the east coast.  I suspect the dynamic between the two of them will become vital at some point, especially if they turn out to be one of those pairs of characters not on speaking terms we were advised about early on.  Although it also makes me wonder if we really could see anything happen between Daniel and Peggy anytime soon; would she really go for her boss?

Although for the moment, it seems she’s instead having UST with a black man, and dreaming of dancing with her missing gal pal.  It’ll be interesting to see how the former plays out, but the latter…it sounds like the entirety of episode 9 will be a bit of a mindscrew anyway, but if they can pull this whole song and dance number in Peggy’s head thing off…will, I will take that as indication that this show can do anything.


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