Guys, this isn’t funny

It was bad enough when we lost Joshua Farris, although at least at that point, we did had plenty of good guys. And then we lost Jason Brown. Like it or not, he’s the one of our men with the best prospects at the moment, and this could spell disaster at Worlds, especially with Farris out too. There may still be plenty of talented guys left in the field, but be honest, do we really want to rely on Adam Rippon and Max Aaron to preserve our three spots? Neither of them are very consistent, and Aaron especially can only do so much against the world’s top men. People can talk about Nathan Chen all they like, but he still has never competed senior internationally, and would the judges even score him high enough? We don’t know.

And now to top if off, we’re losing Richard Dornbush too?  Now he’ll never get to really do that beautiful Coldplay free justice.  I suppose we should be grateful he at least got a Grand Prix medal with it, but still.

I suppose this could conceivably make the men’s competition the most interesting one at Nationals.  We’ve only got one man in the field whose even won it before, who may kind of be the favorite, but really, there is none of those right now.

Also, it’s confirmed Haven Denney & Brandon Frazier are out, which doesn’t really change the dynamic there much: Scimeca & Knierim are firm favorites, and the second spot’s open.

Hope they all come back next year, but who knows, Dornbush especially; he’s at the age where he might or might not bail.


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