Agent Carter goes to Hollywood

Watching the premiere of Agent Carter Tuesday night, I noticed it had a lot of things we’ve come to expect from Marvel and from Marvel TV.  We’ve got a show that is very much a serial, we’ve got action and adventure that is loosely tied to other aspects of the MCU, and, since this is Agent Carter, we’ve got our action woman and the sexist(and racist) society she’s stuck in.  But also, the premiere was something too little of the rest of Marvel TV has been: fun.

Seriously, on the other three shows that have debuted so far, we’ve mostly gotten characters drowning in their own angst and engaging in high drama; fun is limited to the occasional sequence.  And we had a little angst and a lot of drama in the first two episodes of Agent Carter, but even so, I was grinning almost the entire two hours.  We may still have the troubled and threatened SSR, but now we’ve also got a hijincks filled audition studio front(also more Rose in general, which is definitely a good thing).  We’ve got Edwin Jarvis back, but now as well as his usual bumbling spy-aid from season one, we also get to see him deal with a flamingo, and also, we get to see his wife and their absolutely adorable marriage.  She’s loads of fun too, and another good female addition to the cast.  We have Peggy running around doing secret things, but now it feels less like anxiety-raising sneaking around and more like wild adventure.

And yes, it would be annoying if that black love interest who is currently presumed dead truly was, but really, does anyone believe he is?  Didn’t think so.

Who knows if the writers will be able to keep this up, or if everyone will eventually be subsumed by angst again-hell, Peggy was threatening it already big time at the end of the premiere.  But for now, it’s good to be able to watch with the heart a little lighter.


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