Winter Shows Up 15 Minutes Late With Jonas

Yesterday, in anticipation of the blizzard, the government was only open in the morning, and a little after one in the afternoon, after I’d run a couple of last-minute errands, I found myself walking home from the DC Metro’s King Street Stationwith the snow starting to fall.  When I began my walk, it wasn’t yet sticking to much, but already there were plenty of flakes.  This was the best picture I could get of them; you can see it stands out against the darker parts of the rail bridge.

2016-1-22 Beginning of Jonas

Before I had finished my long walk up King Street, it was sticking to more things, including dirt, the leftover snow from Wednesday night, and especially leaves:

2016-1-22 Snow on the leaves

Halfway through my walk and there was enough on the pavement for footprints to be visible.

2016-1-22 Footprints

Unfortunately my phone shorted out right after I took this picture and wouldn’t turn back on until I got home and could plug it in, but by the time I got home the snow was starting to cover everything.  Now it’s nearly cover my mom’s car and the small tree in our front yard, which I may take photos of later.


2 thoughts on “Winter Shows Up 15 Minutes Late With Jonas

  1. Oh very good. I like the way you show the process of things: the process of the French ice-skating history, the process of Rickman’s acting life and now the process of this snowpocalypse. I’ll share it on face-book

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