Big Marvel TV Day Yesterday

Yesterday, of course, we had another episode of Agent Carter.  But we also also a new casting announcement from Marvel’s Most Wanted, and an interview with Charlie Cox’s two co-stars about the upcoming season of Daredevil.

Since we still have absolutely no information of the basic premise of Marvel’s Most Wanted, which makes me think even more it’s one that’s going to be shaped by the events of the Civil War(especially since there’s now no way it’s airing before that movie’s out), we are left to try to piece together what we can from this casting.  Dominic Fortune is apparently an originally white character’s who’s getting racebent, which is nice, although one does hope he doesn’t get killed off anytime soon.  He also apparently a mercenary adventurer of dubious morality, much as Lance Hunter was, although he’s been going semi-straight working for S.H.I.E.L.D.  This suggests the series might be taking us into Lance’s world instead of Bobbi’s, which might not be a bad idea; it’s arguably a more exciting place.  It’ll be interesting to see what living in such a world full-time would do to our heroine’s morality, especially when she’s already been someone willing to bend it.  That might be the basic story the series has, as well as the big sticking point in her relationship with Lance, if she, or even he, thinks being with him pushes her too far.

Meanwhile, the interview with Elden and Deborah was actually very reassuring, especially Elden’s comments about each character having his or her own story and not too many people just existing to serve someone else’s story.  That indicates that even if they will insist on having her to the love interest thing, that won’t be all Karen will be doing.  Also, with speculation Foggy’s role might decrease this coming season, it’s good to hear that for his sake as well.  Also, her comment about poor Foggy getting driven crazy by having two friends who keeping throwing themselves headlong into danger was kind of priceless.

And as for what actually aired last night, well, it was inevitable things were going to get a little more serious this week.  But at least we had Howard Stark almost stealing the episode with his club-disrupting hijinks(I especially love how without drawing attention to it they just had a black woman among the girls he brought into the racist club, because of course he included one just to aggravate them further).  Also what they did with Jason Wilkes, which was definitely creative, and I’m sure he’ll be making use of that invisibility before the season’s over.  Although perhaps the most intriguing characters of this one were the less than nice ones.  You gotta feel some sympathy for poor Whitney, unappreciated for her truly great accomplishments, getting squeezed out even of Hollywood, and now in over her head.  And looking at that ending, it’s hard to tell which way Jack Thompson, who is a terrible person but is certainly not an evil man, will swing this time…


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