Agent Carter has become a tale of two women

Well, last week it seemed like Whitney Frost was someone in over her head with what she’d created and then absorbed, but it seems that didn’t last very long.  Now she’s got a handle on it, and also, it’s starting to look like all this sideshow with secret societies and such may just be universe dressing; it’s Frost who’s going to be this season’s actual villain.  So with our hero and villain now defined, it makes sense for us to get the back stories of both and learned how Not So Different they are.

Both backstories were actually a touch cliche(the minute we heard the brother was on the front we knew he was going to bite it), but very effective.  I wonder, too, if we’re going to get further flashbacks of exactly where she was in Europe before she got attached to the supersoldier project.  Though perhaps we learned all we needed to in a scene in the present instead, when she performs an act on a prisoner that a modern viewer will instantly recognize as torture, and makes clear it’s not the first time she’s done it.  Although unfortunately, that is very accurate historically; the Allies did some ugly things indeed during World War II.  We’ve even heard Steve confess to Nick Fury he’s done a few things that have kept him awake at night, and Peggy’s never had his ideals.  Meanwhile, Whitney’s story gives the show a chance to remind everyone of how you really shouldn’t sneer at a woman to smile.  We no longer have last week’s reasons to feel sorry for her, but her motives for villainy are well-established and understandable.

Other things this week include Jarvis creating a new word(I am now hoping someday we hear Vision use it), and it’s poor Daniel’s turn to be in over his head.  At least he’s rising to it very well.

Next week, we get Rose back!  They can fuss over their cliffhanger all they like, but I think we’ll all be looking forward to seeing what that lady’s capable of more.


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