It’s All Fun and Games Until the Heroine Starts Bleeding From Her Stomach

In terms of format, this week’s episode of Agent Carter reminding me a good deal of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s “T.R.A.C.K.S.” from the first season.  We had what looked like a contained mission with a great deal of humour and ensemble work, we had a surprise or two and the stakes go up, but it was still mostly fun to watch.  And then near the end of the episode, we had the heroine bleeding out on the floor, and suddenly events have taken a more more dramatic and disturbing turn, although in the case of “The Atomic Job,” the cliffhanger actually is not whether the heroine will survive, which is smarter, since we know she would anyway.

Although maybe the stakes were a little higher from the start of “The Atomic Job,” and in more than one way, because not only was an atomic bomb involved, but we also have Daniel getting in engaged to someone other than Peggy-but even then, there was no denying that was one heartwarming proposal scene.  And then we had Peggy playing the ditz and frying the memories of a creepy old businessman in a sequence I quite literally fell down laughing while watching.  And really, by the time Rose has reappeared to get her chance to shine, and brought Leo Fitz’s likely childhood idol with her(we even got a new couple to ship out of this episode, and a pretty sweet one), they’re not even trying to be Very Serious about this anymore, what with the slow motion walk spoof.

Not that the humour was the only fun part.  So was the whole business of Rose showing she’s really quite a capable agent, thank you very much.  Things did get a little more hair-raising when Jarvis ended up being the one holding the bombs, but ultimately that was about him exceeding even his own expectations of himself, more than anything else, so it was a scene that still left you feeling good.

And then Whitney Frost reminded us that she is a woman with terrifying powers turned ruthless, which is nothing to laugh at.  And then we had Daniel finding Peggy with a belly wound.  And then we had Violet get the chance to be someone worth having around, because really, she’s a nurse in a comic book show; the characters inevitably are going to need those.  And then we get the heartbreaking scene when she realizes her fiancee is still in love with the woman he’s using her to get away from.  And really, between that, and his general attitude towards Rose in this episode, I’m starting to think Peggy and Violet both deserve way better than what Daniel would give them.

And then, after we see a scared husband bring the rest of the villains in, an act that is probably going to have drastic consequences in an episode or two, we have the real cliffhanger happen to Jason.  Because really, last time he vanished, we all knew he’d be back.  But now, it’s later in the season, and it looks like Violet’s going to walk away from Daniel which sets him up to maybe end up with Peggy after all, which seriously endangers Jason’s chances of getting out of this season alive.  This time, you are frightened for him.

With the show getting two hours next week, it’s a safe bet big things are about to happen.  Dottie Underwood being about to come back indicates that as well.  Deep breath, everyone?


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