Four Continents and a Comeback

Poor Kaitlyn Weave & Andrew Pojé, not having a good weekend.  First they had a disastrous free dance at Four Continents, something which might or might not damage their cred going into Worlds, and now they’ve only gotten two years as the Canadian #1s with Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir coming back!  Those two were good enough when they exited the scene to still come back to it in the top tier, and even if Weaver & Pojé have become good enough to match them, will the judges be willing to think that?  Although when it comes down to it, are Virtue & Moir themselves going to be able to match our new French ice dance overlords?  That they’re going for their coaches indicates they want to, but can they keep up?  I wonder what L’Equipe will end up printing if the two teams end up being each others main threats to that gold medal in Korea.

Not a good weekend for Madison Chock & Evan Bates either.  Much of the things that left them being the Shibutanis are mistakes and level issues that could easily be reversed in Boston, but they couldn’t have liked getting lower PCS than them in the short, even by a fraction, and really, losing to them twice in a row just looks bad.  Really, the only dance team it was a truly good weekend for were the Shibutanis.  They’re starting to look like the the home team’s best hope for a medal at Worlds, and that is a very important thing to be in figure skating.

Especially since Gracie is still not giving much hope that she’ll be the one to put it together for the podium.  And if Satoko Miyahara skates at Worlds the way she did here, it may be harder to unseat her from her place on it than it would be unseat Elena Radionova.  The home audience may have to hope the latter makes a mistake or two and/or Ashley rotates all the things(I’ve even heard it suggested we should send Mirai to Worlds, but they can’t bump Gracie when she won Nationals, at this point leaving Ashley off the team would be even crazier than it would have been two years ago, and if they didn’t bump silver medalist Polina then, they certainly won’t now).

Even more worried about the American boys.  They skate like that at Worlds, even if Adam Rippon, not the most reliable of guys either, puts it together that third spot will definitely be gone.  Meanwhile, very impressed by Boyang Jin’s artistic improvement.  He keeps going in that vein and we may eventually have yet another unbeatable-if-he-skates-clean guy!


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