So we got yet another promo yesterday of the Punisher holding Daredevil’s hood in such a way to indicate he’s killed him, which is unnerving, except really, we know they’re not going to kill our hero; he’s got the Defenders to be in, and even if he didn’t, the series has been too much of a success to end it after two seasons. So that’s not what really set the alarm bells off. No, that was the synopsis for Marvel’s Most Wanted.  Which, reading it, I’m kind of amazed they released it this early, given what it says about what’s going to happen in the upcoming second half of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s third season.

At best, this indicates that Lance and Bobbi are going to have some sort of catastrophic falling out with the other characters, possibly getting framed by the “conspiracy” mentioned in the synopsis, which is what most people seem to be thinking.  But thinking about the way events and characters alike have been going, I’m thinking that “no S.H.I.E.L.D.” might be literal, as in, probably directly thanks to the sin Coulson committed, the organization gets disbanded again, possibly even wiped out completely with Lance and Bobbi as the only survivors.  Conspiracies in the MCU have a tendency to wipe out things.  Although maybe if the other characters of the show are lucky, they’ll merely be arrested.

Killing them all would mean Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would have to end, of course.  But is it that unlikely they’d end it?  It hasn’t been getting the highest ratings, they’ve got two new shows in the works, and also, the whole thing where it has big events happen in the MCU but the movies don’t always acknowledge them is getting awkward; the brass may have decided they can’t have that continue.  Although the Civil War could help provide an explanation to Lance and Bobbi’s situation, especially since it’ll probably be set up after that movie comes out.

Also, apparently the series is coming out this year.  That means two likely times it would: this summer and this fall.  The way they’re talking about production, I’m not sure they’re aiming to have it ready to air this summer.  That makes me think it might be coming this fall, which means it’s probably less a spinoff than a replacement series.

If I’m right, this is going to be very painful to watch…


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