Or maybe Marvel isn’t being smart about the promotional releases

I didn’t even go to look at the promo pics for “The Singularity.” They were tweeted into my timeline, certain people demanding to know what the hell was going on. But that I’d seen two unlikely characters looking so chummy with each other…well, once it became clear that the twist of “The Team” was going to include mind control? I knew exactly what was going on. Apparently those who didn’t see the pictures was absolutely shocked by the twist, and obviously everyone was supposed to be, but I don’t think anyone who saw those pictures could be. Oops.

Hive & Daisy

SPOILER ALERT!  Seriously should’ve held this one a few more days

Not that I didn’t find that sequence of her wrecking the Playground impactful, though.  Daisy makes for one scary villain.  A heartbreaking one, too; she’s going to be suffering from major PTSD if they ever break her out of it.But we’re used to this show putting their characters through the wringer.  One can almost imagine the producers sitting down and saying, “Wait, Daisy’s adjusted too well to the powers, how can we torture her now?”

Although I genuinely am starting to wonder if the writers are deliberately trying to stick it to whatever Skyeward shippers are left, giving them what they want, only not, because Ward actually remains dead, and Daisy’s not herself, and also incapable of giving consent(although do they realize that part?  They didn’t when the victim was Ward).  Which, not cool, guys.  Those fans may be awfully misguided, but you really shouldn’t do that to them.  You especially don’t want to have a character raped for that purpose.  Although maybe they just really wanted to follow up on that suggestion from the first season of Skye and Ward being monsters together; this was certainly the only way that would ever happen.  I am also seriously wondering how the fans will ultimately react if it turns out that Lincoln will ultimately be the man who sacrifices himself for Daisy; those shippers might be pissed off that he gets to be the one to do that.

Although maybe I’m just hoping for that because I desperately don’t want any of the other candidates for The Big Death to die.  Of course, if the writers have noticed a lot of fans have failed to get attached to him, they might have figured killing him off wouldn’t make enough impact.  Although if they’re thinking that way, Joey and Elena might also be safe(one hopes so, especially for Joey).  We’re reaching the point where I’m starting to wonder if they might actually kill Daisy, which most of the time you’d never believe they’d do, although I still don’t *think* they’d try to kill off Coulson again.  Although really, at this point I just want Fitzsimmons to survive.  Seriously, can’t they at least get a few months of happiness before everything goes wrong for them again?


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