They know what we care about

I was almost amused, watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tuesday night and seeing what they were emphasizing and what they weren’t.  Yeah, it was shown as somewhat important what Hive was doing, but the focus was more on exactly what’s going on with Daisy, cause we care about that more.  Hydra’s infrastructure getting blown up got only brief screentime; I suspect in fact that might even be put in there to help set up for Civil War more than anything else(that the ticker on the latest Christine Everhart clip said Talbot was retiring out of the military makes me even wonder if he’s doing to do a movie cameo). Because really, we say, never mind that, are Fitzsimmons finally going to do the do?

Actually, I quite like that the circumstances surrounding that important event kind of made it Jemma’s story.  Sure, Fitz received some important information from Daisy which I’m sure will come into play next week whenever they get around to talking, but really, it was Jemma handing this episode a quick Bechdel pass via May right on the heels of perking everyone’s ears with the word “sex,” and then it was her having a proper two-way confrontation with Hive and having to deal with what remains in the universe of Will, and then it was her finally rescuing herself out of distress in a moment of perfect resolution.  After that, her heading back to the hotel and making love to her best boy for the first time felt like her moving between chapters of her life.

FitzSimmons Fade to Black

Don’t you just love happy episode endings?

Now we just have to hope Fitz taking so long to get back to the hotel doesn’t have any dark reason behind it, and especially that neither of them are going to be the ones suffering The Big Death.  Meanwhile, Joey and Elena being packed off to the Cocoon without appearing on screen again makes it feel less likely it’ll be either of them.  Unless Lincoln gets sent there with him, because somehow I doubt he’s going to just let them keep him hidden.

There were other highlights of course, and moments of gratification, such as May calling Coulson out on his hypocrisy when it comes to Daisy versus the others, because he’s needed to be called out for his behavior in general for quite some time.  Sometimes I think fans might actually mind less if he does get killed off for a second time now, because much of what we loved about him has been lost to the darkening of his story.  But not everything, and we got a much needed reminder of the old Phil Coulson in that moment when he turned out to have a high tech Captain America-style shield built into his hand.

Also, they handled Hive and Daisy’s interaction far better than I feared, and especially her history with Ward.  They actually did acknowledge the depth to which they connected before his betrayal with the extent of the knowledge of her Ward’s memories gave Hive, but at the same time made clear she’s following him in spite of who he looks like rather than because of it.  And Daisy remaining Daisy with Fitz was absolutely heartbreaking; at least if she’d turned into a monster, she really could be declared a different person and her actions post-infection disregarded, but now even if they save her, I doubt it’ll be that simple.

Meanwhile, is it really only a week until Civil War comes out?  I’ve been so absorbed in Marvel TV that there’s been no time to wait impatiently for the movies!  Heck, at this point I care less about what happens to the characters in the movie than how the events of it will affect our Agents, and also possibly our Defenders and their circle of people.


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